Our Story

Our Story
Heather and John

With a shiny new logo, a fresh coat of paint and a lot of enthusiasm, new owners Heather and John Chapman and our resident cat Aira are delighted to welcome you and your cat into our garden.

We met in 2015 whilst on a student volunteer training weekend. After settling down together in Norfolk, we both began a journey as languages teachers. Sadly this didn’t last – John left teaching first and joined the ambulance service, and nearly two years later Heather also stepped back from teaching due to ill health.

With more time at home, Heather started volunteering with a local cat charity – Lost and Found Cats Norwich. She has fostered multiple times for them, and regularly keeps an eye out on selling sites for cat paraphernalia that could be used by the team of fosterers. Some cats just need overnight accommodation, others may stay for weeks or even months until either their owner is found, or they are ready to be re-homed.

We were already looking for a more rural lifestyle when we discovered the unique opportunity of The Garden Cattery. This new venture combines our love of cats with the flexibility of working from home, which Heather has enjoyed greatly. Alongside taking care of Norfolk’s fine furry friends, we’re also looking forward to growing vegetables in the greenhouse, and maybe even getting some ducks or chickens for fresh eggs.

Aira (the boss)